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Traditional hand-stitched made-to-measure coir doormats available in 5 different thicknesses.


Customise your traditional hand-stitched doormat to you exact size and you can even personalise it with your choice of text and/or motif.


These are available at our sister webiste visit us by clicking here or using the following URL http://www.doormats4you.co.uk/det/732/Made-to-Measure-Printed-Door-Mat/


All prices are caluclated dependant on thickness and size of mat required. 

Traditional Hand-Stitched Made to Measure Coir Doormats

Mat Thicknesses Available
  • To order your traditional hand-stitched made-to-measure doormat visit our sister site by clicking here or using the following URL http://www.doormats4you.co.uk/det/732/Made-to-Measure-Printed-Door-Mat/.